5 Restaurant concepts

# 1. Top Restaurant
The top restaurant is at the top of the market. They are also known as restaurants with one or more stars or are close to them.
As a guest, you will be personally welcomed by the host / woman. Usually with a handshake. Then you are led to the table. During the stay you get a lot of personal attention.
An important characteristic of this restaurant concept is that the service is led by the Maître and that there is a wine sommelier .
Choosing the guests for a top restaurant does not come for one course but for several.
There is no à la carte menu, but we work with composite menus consisting of several courses . These menus are seasonal and often change composition.
The dishes are of top quality, so the kitchen specializes in preparing . All products are freshly delivered (day) and processed according to traditional methods.
# 2. Luxury restaurant
The second restaurant concept is the luxurious restaurant. As with top restaurants, guests are personally welcomed and guided to their place .
The guest receives personal attention from the staff all evening.
An important difference with the top restaurant is that there is no wine sommelier at this type of restaurant .
The kitchen is specialized and all dishes are prepared according to traditional methods. The products often come in fresh (day).
A difference with the top restaurant is that less cooking techniques are used at the luxurious restaurant . As a result: fewer actions on the board.
The luxurious restaurant works with an à la carte menu. In addition, guests can also order composite menus.
# 3.Fast Casual Restaurant
Fast Casual is a new restaurant concept from the USA.
This concept is mainly focused on speed. There is no service here, which spoils the guest all evening.
Upon entry, the guest is welcomed by an employee standing behind the counter .
The guest orders a dish that is prepared à la minute.
The kitchen usually works with fresh products, which are also prepared according to traditional methods.
The difference with a fast food restaurant is that the food is generally of (much) better quality . As a result, people are also willing to pay more for it.
This restaurant concept can be found in a city center in a location with a lot of traffic . 
# 4. Casual Restaurant
This is the most common restaurant type in the Netherlands.
When you eat here you will be personally greeted. And then glazed, but you get limited operation.
Another characteristic of this restaurant concept is that many students work without catering.
The kitchen is not specialized because the card is often large in size. As a result, there are only a few products that are prepared according to traditional methods. The vast majority of the food is prepared with semi-finished products.
Casual restaurants have an à la carte menu, which is replaced a number of times a year . These restaurants are also suitable for children. They often have a children’s menu and a play corner / garden.
The range of drinks is wide and deep; and there is a Full service bar. There is a large choice in fresh, beer, wine and spirits.
The Casual restaurant is centrally located in a city where many people come by. The restaurant is therefore aimed at a quick passage of the guest.
Cafe Restaurant
The Casual restaurant in the Netherlands is often a combination of 2 business types. Namely the cafe and restaurant concept in one.
# 5.Fast food rest aurant
These are often the big chains that can be found at A-locations, in the city center or along the motorway.
In this restaurant concept the emphasis is on efficiency and speed of preparing the meal and serving the guest .
The guest orders his food at the counter and consumes the food in the restaurant. The guest therefore receives no service at the table.
The kitchen works with products that are ready and therefore only need to be warmed up. The characteristic of the kitchen is that the products are of consistent quality.
There is not really a menu present. The dishes are displayed on the counter display.
The range of drinks varies. The guests can order fresh (post mix) but also milk shakes and various fruit juices. Alcohol is not served here.
The fast food restaurant is a great location to go with children. There are children’s menus available, and usually there is also a playground or children’s corner.

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