Compare cheapest travel insurance

Saving on your travel insurance is very simple! On you can compare 75 travel insurance policies and take out the cheapest travel insurance online. Our travel insurance comparison offers a clear overview of all travel insurances with current premiums and conditions. So you immediately find a good insurance for your trip that is also very cheap. Discover for yourself how easily you save on your travel insurance. Comparing and closing cheap travel insurance starts at!

Take out online travel insurance

After you have made a travel insurance comparison and have chosen the cheapest travel insurance for you, you can easily take out travel insurance online through On you can compare and conclude both the short-term travel insurance and the continuous travel insurance. Comparing and closing an inexpensive travel insurance insurance online has thus been done!
Comparing ongoing travel insurance

Continuous travel insurance offers an unlimited number of travel coverage throughout the year. A continuous travel insurance is useful when you go on holiday several times a year or when you have been away for more than 21 days. With a continuous travel insurance you are insured all year round. 

The coverage of a continuous travel insurance only applies when you are actually traveling. Moreover, the exact coverage of a continuous travel insurance differs per insurer. Comparing your continuous travel insurance is therefore recommended. Only then will you find the cheapest continuous travel insurance that meets your needs. 

Compare cheap comprehensive travel insurance? Start directly online with continuous travel insurance compare on!

Comparing short-term travel insurance

You take out short-term travel insurance for the number of days you go on holiday. If you do not go on holiday more than twice a year or longer than 21 days a year, short-term travel insurance is recommended. 

The coverage and premium of a short-term travel insurance differs per insurer. Comparing your short-term travel insurance is therefore very sensible. In this way you will immediately find the cheapest short-term travel insurance that meets your needs. 

Compare cheap short-term travel insurance? Start directly online with travel insurance comparisons in the module of!

Compare cancellation insurance

Would you also like to take out a cheap cancellation insurance with your travel insurance? On you can compare a travel-inclusive cancellation insurance. A cancellation insurance covers the costs of cancellation if you have to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen circumstance or if you have to cancel your trip prematurely. 

Comparing cheap travel insurance with cancellation insurance? Please indicate during the travel insurance that you also want to take out cancellation insurance and find that cheap cancellation insurance!

Travel insurance with lowest price guarantee

If you take out travel insurance through, we offer you the guarantee that you never pay too much. Do you find the same travel insurance from the same insurer within one week (seven days) on the same terms and on the basis of the same information cheaper elsewhere? Then you can claim the lowest price guarantee. We will then refund you the difference plus 15 percent of this difference. For more information, contact our customer service .

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