Hotel Thailand

Backpackers and other travelers on a small budget, of course, prefer to stay in the cheapest accommodation possible, a hotel Thailand is often not the best choice. They often opt for a cheap guesthouse or a hostel. Yet there are plenty of reasons why backpackers might consider booking a hotel room in Thailand.

First night

An incredibly large part of the backpackers start their journey in Bangkok . For these travelers, who have spent many hours in the plane, it is no fun to make a lot of effort to find a guesthouse on arrival. We therefore always recommend to book a room for your first night in the country. This does not have to cost much at all, but it gives you a lot of time and peace that you get in return.

Do something more luxurious

Backpacking is of course super but you can, certainly with a long journey, of course certainly need some more luxury. There is nothing wrong with backpacking around Northern Thailand for a month or two and then spending a week in a hotel on the beach near Phuket . Whether this is the last week of your trip or far from it, at least you’ve recovered a bit. You could put a lot of money aside for a luxury hotel or take it easy and book a cheap Thailand hotel.

Hotel Thailand booking

The prices for hotel rooms often rise quickly when the hotel is almost full. Therefore, reserving a room in advance is often a lot cheaper. With online providers of hotels you usually do not pay any booking fees and are often, at least, as cheap as you would be on the spot. A hotel Thailand can be booked with many providers and you have more than enough choice. Certainly in the capital Bangkok are dozens of hotels where you can stay the first night. Guesthouses and hostels are also becoming easier to book online. Check out Trivago for the best prices and last deals.

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