How do you choose the best travel organization for your holiday?

Do you want to book a beautiful holiday, but do not know which travel organization you can best go to? We explain how you choose the best travel organization for your specific holiday or trip! Safe booking, the type of journey you make and the destination also play a major role. Read on soon and book from now on only with responsible travel organizations that suit you!

What should you pay attention to when choosing a travel company before you book a holiday?

Travel organizations have different specializations . One offers mainly long trips outside Europe, the other holidays within Europe. There are specialists in camping holidays, city trips and bus trips. But there are more points to watch out for; some providers offer tailor-made travel instead of standardized ===. Customization often has a higher price tag than package travel, but the experience is completely different.
So consider whether you are looking for a separate trip that you pay more for, or rather a more advantageous offer. Do you want to travel with a group, with your own partner or family, or do you like to meet other people during a single group trip (there is no dating aspect, it is purely about the social approach).

What is included in the trip?

Also take a good look at what you get for your money, sometimes it looks like one trip is much cheaper than the other trip to the same country, but; In which hotels do you stay? What is included and what will be added? Are excursions included? You travel with your family; do the children have their own bed? Do the hotels have a good location? Are you picked up at stations and airports or do you have to take a taxi? These are all points to keep in mind when choosing the right holiday.

Book safely! What are the ANVR, SGR and Calamity Fund and why are these agencies important when booking a holiday?

In addition, it is important that the organization you book with is connected to the appropriate guarantee authorities. There are 3 instances you have to pay attention to:

  • Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden
  •  (SGR): the SGR guarantees the prepaid travel allowance, for example if the travel organization you have booked with goes bankrupt. Or, for example, ensures that your stay or return journey is still paid in these situations. It is therefore very important that the organization you book with is affiliated with the GSC.
  • Calamity fund
  •  : if there is a calamity during your holiday, such as a natural disaster or riots in a certain region, the Calamity Fund pays the extra costs that arise because a trip is adjusted. If the trip has to be canceled, the fund will compensate for the non-traveled travel days. But watch out; the Calamity Fund only takes effect when the Dutch government issues an official negative travel advice for a country or region. So you will not get a refund if, after booking, you find the region too unsafe to go on holiday.
  • ANVR : the General Dutch Association of Travel Companies is a branch organization of travel agencies and travel organizations. For example, the ANVR provides the travel and booking conditions, guidelines for complaints handling, stipulates that members are affiliated with the GSC and provides a kind of quality guarantee for the affiliated travel agencies. Pay attention; there may still be different conditions for your trip, that is allowed, and organizations affiliated with ANVR may also go bankrupt. But the ANVR acts as a kind of watchdog in terms of conditions and quality.

Travel organizations and travel agencies that are members of the Calamity Fund, SGR and ANVR state this on their website, in brochures and with their booking conditions. You can easily check whether this is correct, on the websites of the SGR, ANVR and Calamiteitenfonds by typing in the name of the company or the membership number. 
Keep in mind that there are always exceptions. There are also good travel organizations that are not affiliated with these agencies and yet are very reliable. And there are also travel providers that are connected and still make a game out of it. But in general the SGR, ANVR and Calamity Fund offer good indications with regard to certain certainties that the traveler is looking for.

List of recommended travel agencies

We compiled the following independent list of Dutch travel organizations together with their core brands; which countries or parts of the world do they offer, what is their specialization and whether they are affiliated with the correct guarantee institutions

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