How do you choose the right bike trip?

After your cycling trips you may be a little tired, but we especially want you to return home satisfied. With a wealth of good experiences and memories in your luggage. These memories should not be overshadowed because a bicycle tour has proved too difficult.

We offer a wide selection of bike tours, especially to meet everyone’s wishes and needs as much as possible. Whether you are a well-trained cyclist who does not shy away from the mountains, or a holiday maker, for whom cycling is just a fun mode of transport and who does not intend to exert himself excessively. We strive for everyone a bicycle trip to his / her own ability in our offer.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure whether a tour is suitable or if you have special requests. Since customization is our specialty, you can come to us with all your ideas and wishes, such as deviating (eg shorter or longer) lengths, detours to a place that you would also like to include in the tour, combinations of tours, etc .

Hotel classification

Important are the classifications of the overnight places. The hotels and guesthouses of our standard tours are good ** and mostly *** accommodations, where you always have your own shower and toilet. Do you want more luxury, then you can do so in the premium version: we book in that case for you where possible **** hotels or else the best in one place (not every place on the road has a **** hotel). It should be noted that air conditioning is not yet common in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in the hotels on the road, not even in **** hotels. Usually that is not necessary.

Bed and breakfast or half board

You stay on a bed and breakfast basis. Half board can be booked with most trips. In the Czech Republic this is usually not possible, because the hotels / guesthouses do not offer this in all places and also for the simple reason that it is much more fun to leave your hotel in the overnight places – usually small towns – and to visit a nice local restaurant. . It gives you much more freedom (we also provide tips in the travel documents). But as said, outside the Czech Republic most hotels also offer half board for lovers.

Luggage transport

We offer individual bike tours where you can choose to bring your luggage from one to the next overnight stay. That also saves a lot if you suspect that the trip is going to be a bit on the tough side. Taking a ramp with luggage is a lot heavier. An additional advantage is that you can leave the bikes behind more easily if you want to view a museum from the inside. But for touring cyclists we also offer trips without baggage transport!

Electric bikes

We also offer the possibility to rent electric bikes. For those of you who are afraid of not being able to handle a certain bicycle trip, because they have a lesser condition than the other companions, there is the possibility to rent electric bikes.

Cycling on the train or planning extra rest days in advance

On a number of routes it is also possible to have a day off on the spot by putting your bikes on the train and by doing so, bypassing a stage of cycling. Note this with the different tour descriptions. 
An alternative is to already schedule one or more additional rest days in certain beautiful overnight places. 
Where daily baggage transport takes place during the period to be booked, this is always possible. It is also always possible if you bring your luggage yourself.

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