The best travel time for Costa Rica

If you are planning a trip, you naturally want to know what a good time to go. The best travel time for Costa Rica can be found on numerous sites. Often there is talk about a rainy season. But what exactly does this mean? Can you still go to Costa Rica? We have often been in the country and have experienced all seasons once. Our experience is that you can go there all year round. The country has a tropical climate: it is warm and humid. We distinguish between the rainy season (April to December) and the dry season (December to April). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We have listed them for you, so that you can determine the best travel time for your trip.

In the rainy season to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a natural destination and nature needs water. The advantage of traveling in the rainy season is that you can see green turtles laying eggs (from July to November) and that everything is in bloom. You get to deal with tropical showers and muddy roads, but you also get an optimal nature experience in return. Our experience is that it usually does not rain all day, but there are heavy showers in the morning and / or afternoon. In the rainy season the remote national parks such as the Corcovado Park are less accessible. According to statistics, the most precipitation falls in September and October. Yet we have noticed in recent years that the climate is changing in Costa Rica and you can have dry weather in these months.

In the dry season to Costa Rica

The advantage of a tour in the dry season is that you have a lot of sun hours and the temperatures are higher, around 25 degrees Celsius. Fine if you want to relax on a tropical beach. For activities such as snorkeling and diving, it is also advantageous to go between December and April. When it rains a lot, the water is cloudy and you can see less underwater. You can visit all national parks during the dry season, but Rincon de la Vieja – in the north of the country – is often drier during this period and therefore less spectacular.

The Caribbean coast is an exception

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, unlike the rest of the country, has no distinction in a dry or rainy season. Here it is rainy and tropical warm all year round. Rain showers and sun alternate.

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