The great advantages of renting a car or bus

Almost everyone is doing it or has it done once, renting a car or bus. This is possible either for leisure activities, for work or out of necessity. Renting a car or a van at Europcar brings many benefits.

Always insured

When you rent a van or car at Europcar you are always fully insured. All vans and cars in the Europcar fleet are fully covered by WA and SVI. This means that all damage that you incur to the car / bus and to the occupants are reimbursed up to a maximum amount of one million euros. Hiring a bus or car with Europcar is therefore always without risks!

Assured of a well-maintained car

The vehicles in the fleet are always checked for possible damage and wear. They are regularly checked completely and Europcar can always ensure that they have done everything to deliver a car that is good. In the unlikely event something happens and the car falls out. Then a replacement car will be delivered as soon as possible.

Something different!

The fleet of Europcar is extremely diverse and also has a number of luxury cars. These are different cabrio models, but also Range Rovers, Mercedes and Audi’s. Very nice when you go on a car holiday for example, or for a day out!

rent a car or a bus
When you rent a car or bus you are assured of a well-maintained car.

Also abroad

A big advantage of Europcar is that it is located in almost every country. So if you go with your rented car on a car holiday and something happens, Europcar can always be on location quickly for assistance or other matters. Are you going on a car holiday with your rented car? Give it a try! In that case, Europcar has to take out additional insurance policies for you that also cover you abroad!

A car for every situation

Because Europcar has an extensive fleet, there is always a car available that you need. Whether a van for a move, a beautiful luxury car for a day trip or a wedding or something completely different. Europcar always has what you’re looking for!

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