The Holiday car

Why pay the whole year for a big car that you do not need all year round? Our advice: choose the Holiday Car! Many drivers opt for a larger car than they actually need. This is dictated by the use of the car during the holidays. During the holiday (a few weeks per year) the rider needs extra space, towing weight or extra seats. However, more than 90% of the time is often only in a (too) large car.

Save on the car costs & reduce the CO2 emissions of your fleet

Autolease Midden Nederland (ALMN) has developed a new service: De Vakantieauto. In addition to a considerable saving on vehicle costs and a structural reduction of the CO2 emissions of your fleet, this service offers a suitable solution for the employee.

Benefits for both parties

The driver chooses a small, economical and fiscally attractive lease car for daily use. For holidays ALMN makes a larger car available. As an employer you pay the rate including holiday car. You save on the total costs because the employees drive a cheaper car for regular use.

Benefits for you as an employer:

  • Lower mobility costs
  • Attractive secondary employment conditions
  • Positive effect on environmental responsibility

Benefits for you as an employee / driver:

  • Structurally lower additional tax due to the choice for a smaller and / or economical car
  • Suitable car during the summer holidays or winter sports
  • Much cheaper than renting a car during the holiday season
  • You contribute to a cleaner environment

How does the Holiday Car work?

The Holiday car offers the rider the opportunity to use a large (er) car from the class VW Passat, VW Touran or VW Transporter during the holidays. These cars are equipped with air conditioning, navigation and towbar. If you opt for the Winter Holiday car, the cars are equipped with air conditioning, navigation, winter tires and the use of snow chains.

The regular lease car will be returned to ALMN during the holiday. During your holiday, your car is secured and any necessary maintenance is carried out. When you return from vacation, your car is ready for you.

The Holiday car offers the following possibilities.

1. The Summer Holiday Car:

  • A holiday car for a maximum of 21 consecutive days per year
  • In the period May 1 to October 1.

2. The Winter Holiday Car:

  • A holiday car maximum 8 days per year
  • In the period 1 October to 1 May.

Not every year with the car on holiday?

If a driver does not go on holiday for a year with a car, the available days simply remain. For example, the drivers can use the car one year on a flying holiday and the other year twice by car. Only when the lease contract has ended do the days not used expire. There will be no refund of unused days.

What does it cost?

In the lease rate of the regular lease car, depending on the chosen Holiday Car Package, a price per month is included. The rates are as follows:

1. Summer holiday car: The costs are € 85, – per month. This includes 3,500 kilometers. 
2. Winter holiday car: The costs are € 45, – per month. This includes 2,500 kilometers.

Even if you are already driving a car from ALMN, we offer you the option to fulfill your holiday wishes.

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