The right travel insurance for every trip

Do you go on a short or long journey? Are you going to work during your stay abroad? Do you practice special sports or winter sports? Do you allow foreigners to come to the Netherlands? Special travel insurance policies exist for all these situations. To help you make the right choice, we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Choosing the right travel insurance? Read the questions and answers!

I do not often go on vacation and usually no longer than three weeks. Which travel insurance can I choose the best? 
In that case, short-term travel insurance is the most suitable. 

We compose our trip ourselves and book the airline tickets and hotels themselves via the internet. But we also want to take out cancellation insurance, what is the best choice? 
Then when taking out a short-term travel insurance, opt for a cancellation insurance and tick the option ‘compound journey’. You can of course also take out a short-term cancellation insurance with cover for a combined trip. 

We like to go to distant destinations outside Europe, do I have to take out short-term or continuous travel insurance? 
That depends on how often you go, how long you stay away and how many people you go with. Usually a continuous travel insurance is cheaper for a family situation However, you always have to opt for world coverage. 

We are going to spend the winter abroad, is that possible with a continuous travel insurance? 
That depends on how long you stay abroad without interruption. A continuous travel insurance does not mean that you can stay abroad for a year. For a long stay abroad there are special travel insurances.

I’m going to Austria for the first time in winter sports. How can I best insure myself? 
If you are going on a winter sports or cross-country skiing holiday, you must take out additional winter sports cover for short-term travel insurance or continuous travel insurance. This is due to the fact that winter sports entails specific risks. In addition, the materials for a winter sport are often quite pricey and due to the winter sports coverage, these are extra insured. 

I’m going to backpack for a year and also work in between, which travel insurance is the best? 
Are you going to work during your trip, then you can take out a Globetrotter insurance or a long-stay insurance. 

We have booked an adventurous holiday and we are going to practice special sports in Europe, such as rafting and hiking. What kind of travel insurance is a good choice? 
There is a special travel insurance policy for special and dangerous sports during your holiday in Europe. That is the Outdoor and Survival insurance. 

We have also booked an adventurous holiday and go hang gliding and parachuting, but we do not stay in Europe. How can I insure myself then? 
You can take out short-term or continuous travel insurance. You then have to opt for world coverage and the extension for special sports. 

We are going to Paris with the staff of our company for a weekend. Which travel insurance should I choose? 
There is group travel insurance for school trips, company outings and other group travel. A group travel insurance offers the organization security. With this insurance, the leaders and supervisors are also insured. 

In order to purchase goods, I go to Asia for a week on business travel, do I have to take out special travel insurance? 
Employers often do not insure business travel. A personal Continuous Travel Insurance also does not provide cover for business travel. Without a business travel insurance you would therefore go on a business trip uninsured. 

We always book a trip for the summer holidays at the beginning of January. But what if something happened in the meantime and we can not go on holiday? 
In addition to travel insurance, you can also take out cancellation insurance. A cancellation insurance gives you compensation if you can not go on holiday or if you have to cancel or cancel your trip or holiday due to an unexpected event. 

There is family from Spain. They do not have travel insurance themselves. Can we still take out travel insurance for them? 
In such situations, you need travel insurance for foreigners. This is also called a travel insurance for inbound tourism. 

My friend from the Ukraine is coming to the Netherlands for three months. In order to apply for a Schengen visa, she must take out travel insurance for medical expenses and repatriation. Can I do that for her here in the Netherlands? 
Do you need travel insurance for a Schengen visa? For example for visiting family, friends or a partner from abroad? Then you can easily close it here. 

We are bringing an au pair from the Philippines. She must be insured against medical expenses, but her luggage must also be covered. Is there an insurance for this? 
A foreigner can not simply take out travel insurance in the Netherlands. That is why travel insurers have developed a separate travel insurance for Au Pairs. This is also called the Au Pair Insurance. This insurance can be taken out for a maximum of 18 months and only for persons up to 30 years of age. 

I am going abroad to do holiday work. I want to be well insured. What do you advise me? 
For anyone who goes abroad for a short or longer period and is going to work there, we have a number of excellent (travel) insurance policies.

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