Top Spa Treatments To Book for Your Next Visit

It’s never a mistake to treat yourself to a spa day. Between all of life’s stresses, including work, kids, pets, and every other responsibility we take on during the week, it’s important to give yourself the opportunity to relax and reset your mind and body. Not only do you deserve it, but we actually believe you might need to experience heaven on earth every once in a while for your physical, mental, and emotional well being.

So, we’ve put together some of the top spa treatments that you need to book for your next visit. You might not be able to work in all of these restorative treatments at once, but treating yourself to at least one for your next trip to the spa is an absolute must.

1. Hot Stone Massage


The art of massage has taken off significantly over the past couple of decades. The options for different types of massages seem to multiply each time we return to the spa, but this one is our new favorite and has been growing in popularity due to the extreme bliss one feels afterward.

A hot stone massage uses smooth, rounded basalt that have been heated in water. These stones retain their heat well, which helps to keep your muscles warm and can be very relaxing. Some of the most common benefits of hot stone massage include the relief of muscle and tension pain, the reduction of stress and anxiety while promoting more restful sleep.

Massage therapists will often use the stones as an extension of their own treatment process and might place them on your back, stomach, and even hands. Not all massage therapists have the skills to use hot stones for massage as it’s not a common approach, so be sure to find a therapist who is well versed in this type of treatment.

2. Body Treatments


If you’ve never received an all-over body treatment, you are missing out on one of the most relaxing and restorative treatments that the spa has to offer. From exfoliation to moisturizing, an all-over treatment is like a facial, but for your entire body. The idea behind a body treatment is to treat your body’s skin just as you would the skin on your face by hydrating, cleansing, and exfoliating it. This type of treatment can be even more beneficial during colder months when your skin tends to be drier and less forgiving.

There are several types of body treatments including scrubs, masks, wraps, and much more. Ask your spa therapist what types of treatments they offer and see if you can find something that works well for your skin type and needs.

3. Sauna


Different types of treatment rooms are becoming more popular all the time, but one of the most classic ways to relax at the spa is by spending some time in a sauna. A sauna is primarily used to clear your mind, give you a boost of energy and relax sore and tense muscles. Sauna therapy is one of the most ancient types of therapy and uses dry heat to increase circulation and ultimately sweat toxins out of your body.

While it was often used as a place for social gathering historically, it is now used in spas for overall body relaxation, detoxification, minor pain relief, and improved oxygenation. The effects of a sauna session on your body occur in two phases. The first induces a minor sweat as your body temperature remains around 98.6 degrees, and the second phase dispels the extra heat by increasing circulation and pushing blood to the skin’s surface, which promotes sweating and ultimately, relaxation.

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