Travel and health insurance for a long stay abroad

Due to the increasing number of people in Europe and further globalization, more and more Dutch people are (temporarily) living abroad to work, travel or study.

At the same time, a (compulsory) local health insurance is being introduced in more and more countries. For Dutch people living in these countries, the rules are often complicated. For example, it is not always clear when someone with a foreign nationality falls under the local rules. In many local systems there is also no cover for temporary stay abroad. As a specialized insurer OOM Verzekeringen has excellent insurance for long-term stay abroad.

Do you go abroad for a long time or permanently, for example to live, work or enjoy your retirement? Then of course you want to be as well insured as in the Netherlands. This is possible with the Living abroad insurance.

Living abroad insurance

The Living abroad insurance consists of a package of 8 insurance policies (health insurance, SOS (repatriation) and six non-life insurances (including liability and travel).

It does not matter how many insurance policies you want to take out. There are no mandatory combinations. You can choose from:

  • Health insurance for abroad (including SOS coverage).
  • Additional dental cover for abroad.
  • Repatriation insurance (SOS) abroad.
  • Travel insurance for Dutch people abroad.
  • Cancellation insurance for Dutch people abroad.
  • Liability insurance for abroad.
  • Household contents insurance for abroad.
  • Legal expenses insurance for abroad.
  • Personal accident insurance for abroad.

All of them insurance with a favorable premium and specially tailored to Dutch people living abroad. The package offers you the following concrete benefits:

  • flexible insurance package, which you can put together according to your needs (including medical expenses, travel and liability);
  • special DeLuxe health insurance coverage possible with ample reimbursement for preventive treatments;
  • world coverage (with or without United States);
  • also cover for temporary interim stay in the Netherlands;
  • no end date, you can cancel the insurance if you want;
  • regardless of reason of stay;
  • regardless of age (age-dependent rate);
  • you can calculate the premium yourself and take out the insurance yourself;
  • favorable premium and good conditions.

The insurance in short

These are the most important characteristics of the Living abroad insurance.

  • Insurance if you go abroad for an indefinite period of time.
  • Determine yourself how extensive your health insurance is.
  • Optional coverage for travel, household effects and legal assistance, among other things.
  • You are insured worldwide, even if you are in the Netherlands in the interim.
  • Attractive discount if you have to keep the Dutch basic insurance.

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