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A perfectly organized football trip is more than just taking care of the right route, good race tickets and a great hotel in the center. That is of course the basis, but at Forza we also find it important that you are well prepared . With the right tips and advice before departure , but also informative support during your trip to make it an unforgettable football weekend. Since each trip is tailor-made and you choose your own traveling times and hotel, you will understand that it is impossible for every traveler to organize personal assistance on site.
That is why you will receive our comprehensive and unique Forza football guide before departurewith it. This handy booklet contains step-by-step all the information you need to make your trip on your own to a success. Even if you do not or hardly speak a word across the border. The football travel guide contains at least the following chapters:

The journey

Your trip to the city of play of your choice will be fully pre-chewed, with (if applicable) information about: A good preparation, the airport of departure, the airline you are flying with, the transfer from the airport to the city center, the public transport in the center, etcetera.

The club

You will be taken along by the history of the club (s) you will visit. We also introduce all Dutch people who have played there, and other former players who speak to the imagination. Of course also information about the stadium, how you get there and where your seats are.

The city

Undoubtedly the visit to the competition is the main goal of your football trip, but the city of games often offers much more. And that certainly applies not only to well-known tourist destinations such as London, Barcelona or Rome! For optimal use of your time on the spot, we offer tips and background information about cultural and football sights, entertainment options, the best restaurants and cafes and shopping opportunities. Even with a lightning visit, the city knows no more secrets for you with Forza!

Practical information

Finally, some useful information to prevent you from walking in seven slots at the foreign gaming city.Even if something goes wrong for any reason, it is nice to know where to go. Of course Forza is also at your disposal day and night during your trip in case of an emergency.

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