Travel insurance: carefree and inexpensive travel

Your holiday, that’s what you look forward to all year. At HEMA we understand that you really want to leave as carefree. If you opt for our travel insurance, you will go well insured on your journey without any fuss and leave the door with peace of mind.

cheap travel insurance with customized cover

One person prefers to go on holiday once and for a long time, while the other wants to get away a few times a year. Wherever your journey goes, you always have the certainty of the travel insurance tailored to HEMA. You can opt for a travel policy with Europe – or world coverage . You pay with our cheap travel insurance no more than necessary and you are fully insured. Exclusions, including electronic equipment, apply to baggage.

complete travel insurance, competitive premium

HEMA travel insurance offers a competitive premium and you are covered both in the Netherlands and abroad. Know exactly what the premium is for yourself or your family? Calculate it quickly and easily. Just here on the site. The only thing we need from you is some personal information. Then you put together the insurance that fully fits your personal wishes. Do you want to take out additional insurance for inconveniences during your holiday? We offer various additional coverings, such as breakdown assistance, medical costs and cancellation insurance .

standard underwater and winter sports coverage

Do you go skiing or snowboarding, then you do not like to go on slippery ice as far as costs are concerned. Something can always happen, even if you pay attention. That is annoying, but with this advantageous underwater and winter sports coverage you are in any case well and profitably insured. In our travel insurance the winter and underwater sport cover is free.

help everywhere through the alarm center

For serious damage or acute help we have an alarm center that you can talk to 24 hours a day. They can call in emergency services, help you with your damage and make the first arrangements for you. That is a safe idea. And you? You can especially enjoy because you have earned that holiday! Our conditions are readable and understandable for everyone. All HEMA insurance policies can be terminated on a daily basis. You can cancel the travel insurance whenever you want.

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