Types of travel insurance

Finally, a summary and an overview of the different types of travel and cancellation insurance:

  • Short-term travel insurance : For everyone who occasionally goes on a trip and wants to be well insured.
  • Continuous travel insurance : Do you go on holiday more often per year, with several people (family) or do you stay away longer, then continuous travel insurance is often cheaper.
  • Short-term cancellation insurance : You are insured against cancellation costs before and during your holiday. This way you do not run a financial risk.
  • Continuous cancellation insurance : If you book multiple holidays every year and you want to be insured against cancellation costs, then a continuous cancellation insurance is cheaper than a one-off.
  • Group travel insurance: For school trips, company outings and other group travel, there is a special insurance: the group travel insurance.
  • Business travel insurance: The continuous business travel insurance is intended for employees, entrepreneurs, business people, supervisory directors, directors and staff officers who regularly travel abroad for their company.
  • Au Pair travel insurance : Are you planning to have an au pair come to the Netherlands? Then an Au Pair travel insurance is the best option. With this insurance the Au Pair is perfectly insured during her stay with the host family in the Netherlands.
  • Backpacker travel insurance : The backpacker travel insurance offers cover for a longer period than a continuous travel insurance. You can close it for a maximum period of two years. It is also allowed to work during your stay abroad.
  • Outdoor and Survival insurance : Travel insurance for special and extreme sports. Do you for example go rafting, skydiving, mountain climbing, kite surfing or a weekend to the Ardennes for outdoor sports? Then an outdoor travel insurance is important.
  • Travel insurance for foreigners : This travel insurance is intended for foreign tourists who want to visit family or friends in the Netherlands. You are then insured on the outward and return journey, during the stay and possibly on a trip through Europe / World.
  • Travel insurance for long stays abroad : When you go abroad for a long stay, you have to take out a special travel insurance.
  • Travel insurance for visa application : An important requirement for tourists to obtain a Schengen visa is travel insurance with cover for medical expenses and repatriation.

Close a travel insurance here

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