What if you leave on holiday by car?

Every year a lot of people leave with the car on holiday. It is therefore a popular way to travel because you are extremely independent. There is, of course, a difference between driving daily to work and a thousand kilometers or more of the globes. That is why you leave well prepared. We will help you on your way!

Everything falls and stands with the state of your vehicle. A long trip is a heavy load for your car, go to your garage for a maintenance before departure. There are also a number of things that you can check yourself:

1. Check the oil level, coolant and other fluid levels. 
2. Make sure the mirrors and head restraints are adjusted correctly. 
3. When loading your vehicle, make sure that your heavy items are as far away as possible and that you are fastening everything. Loose stuff becomes dangerous projectiles in an accident. 
4. Double check the tire pressure as soon as your vehicle is loaded.

Not only the state of the vehicle is important to get to your destination safely, also the state of the driver is of vital importance. One in three fatal accidents, both during the day and at night, are caused by fatigue. Make sure you have a good night’s rest before your trip and do not leave after your work. During the ride you should pause every two hours to stretch your legs and drink something. So you keep your head clear and you reduce the chance to doze off. As soon as you notice that your attention is weakening, you often have to yawn or it is difficult to keep driving in the middle of the lane, you stop immediately. If no other driver can take over the wheel, take a nap. Rather a few hours later arrive at your destination than never. You do not only play with your own life,

To leave carefree on vacation, you still have to keep your head. Consider travel assistance and breakdown assistance and check that your car insurance is in order. Take road maps with you, even if you have a GPS, and check how you will drive before you leave. So you know which toll roads you pass or you need a vignette and which bottlenecks are on your route. Provide your car with a few bottles of water so that you certainly drink enough if you end up in a long traffic jam. To know if the countries you cross have special traffic rules, take a look at the Touring website . Did you know, for example, that you as a driver in some countries are obliged to have extra glasses in your car?

You can also register your trip via Travelers Online . For example, the FPS Foreign Affairs can inform and support you more easily if crises break out or attacks or natural disasters happen during your holiday abroad. Do not forget to request holiday   supervision, you can leave with confidence.

Good trip!

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