How do we select our restaurants?

For me, selecting has become a very ritual. I am now a very spoiled eater and want to limit the chance of a miss to an absolute minimum. Still, I like to discover new restaurants with an original kitchen.

I keep the offers reasonably good, to keep the costs under control.

The top lists (GM, Michelin, Nice etc.) give a picture of the already discovered restaurants. It is of course more fun to discover the young talent.

Possible candidates, obtained by tips, or high quotations in the weeks of Diningcity I write on a list.

Then these are screened along the personal opinions on the review sites. The candidates are followed to get an up-to-date picture. This creates my wish list.

Fortunately I also have my favorites list of tried and tested restaurants that I try to visit once a year.

Of the reviews I write I do make a ranking and my personal toppers we want to visit more often. 
We regularly eat out but do not limit myself to so-called top restaurants, on the contrary. Nice restaurants can also be found under the “not mentioned in Lekker” restaurants. Of course it is true that you get served something different again.

Incidentally, I have learned not always to take the opinions of others. These are not always consistent with my view. Incidentally, this was the main reason for me to write reviews on eten now

or the selection of restaurants, I almost always go to the information on purely and solely. I do not only look at the final mark, but also at the amount of reviews and sometimes choose a restaurant with more reviews than a restaurant with a higher grade.

It is also largely influenced by how easy it is to eat at a restaurant. For example, we go for lunch every Wednesday at a restaurant with all colleagues and of course choose a restaurant that is within walking distance of our office. When I walk around in a strange city and my stomach starts to grow, I use our app to find the best restaurant in the area. Usually I do this by just browsing through the list (which shows the nearest restaurants as standard) and looking at the restaurants that pop out.

The only action I like is the restaurant week of diningcity. With groupon-like deals, I have only had bad experiences and I do not accept concepts that copy the restaurant week. When there is such a week, I am looking for such a variety of possible experiences than the best restaurants.

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